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What to Expect When Working With Us

We know that by the time you get to us, there is *something* going on. Here is just a small sampling of what that *something* could be:

  • You are unsure about where you are going next with your career.

  • You feel like you are hitting a wall with a manager / team / department / industry (any or all of the above!).

  • Your team / division / company / sector is dealing with mergers and acquisitions and you see the writing on the wall for your job.

  • You are dealing with the occasional (never-ending) global pandemic.

We have dealt with ALL of these and often more than one simultaneously so we feel you and we are here for you.

One main question that we get often is, “What should my expectations be in working with your team?” Given that we know our clients are handling something challenging in that moment, it is not just a fair question to ask but essential as we prepare to move forward. As such, here are some pointers:

Holistic Approach / More than the Documents

At ReFresh Your Step, we want you to recognize immediately that this collaboration is about far more than your professional assets (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn content, etc.). Rather, this is about taking a step back to assess your current situation in conjunction with your career trajectory and next-step goals.

Through this more holistic lens, we are all able to gain incredible perspective into how to handle the current obstacle, build strategies for overall career resilience, align documents to your all-important Pattern of Excellence, and craft a strategic plan to move forward. Our 360­­º degree approach transforms all aspects of your career path and includes highly optimized documents to boot!

Here are some key components of the process that position you to achieve your goals:

Getting started

We ask you to provide a draft of your current resume and fill out a questionnaire before discussing our services and pricing with a team member. Once you’re onboarded, you’ll connect with your assigned team writer to speak in-depth about your resume.

Thinking critically about career goals

What experience is required for the roles you want to pursue? Are there relatable wins from your career we can highlight? Are there numbers demonstrating your success? We’ll provide a tool to assist you in outlining pertinent info.

Bonus: This tool is a key component in preparing to speak to your expertise in an interview.

Collaborating for success

You are the expert on YOU and your experience. We’ll ask key questions to position you for next steps and ask you to provide job openings of interest to you. RYS will work to highlight your successes and align key aspects of the documents with those roles.

Leave the writing to us

With all this info in hand, your writer will draft your document. Two rounds of edits are included to refine text and incorporate your feedback.

Other documents

When your resume is finalized, we’ll draft a cover letter to accompany it. We’ll also write LinkedIn profile text to align with LinkedIn’s algorithms if this is part of your package.

Do you know what we often hear from clients as they conclude just the initial consultation call? Some version of, “I finally feel some hope.” Basically, that *something* no longer feels like it is a giant obstacle in their way and they can see a path forward. With a clear objective and professional guidance, they move from concern for their career path to empowered in taking it all on, strategically and confidently. With an idea of what to expect when working with us, we now expect – and hope – to connect with you soon!


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