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General: ReFresh Your Step, LLC, will work to create exceptional resumes and/or other career-related professional documents. Additionally, we will provide extensive career advisory, networking, interviewing and other career-related services. We cannot guarantee interviews or jobs or any other career-related outcomes as we are unable to control the effort a client will make in obtaining a job.

Additionally, we do make every effort to ensure that our documents are 100% error-free. To that end, we employ a comprehensive editing process on our end and request the same of our clients. Once sign-off is obtained and a final version sent, we cannot be held legally responsible for any errors on the document and/or a client’s subsequent career path.

Please note that by starting work with us, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Pricing: Pricing guidelines listed on the site are for general purposes only; specific client pricing will be determined subsequent to an initial review following the initial consultation. We reserve the right to alter prices depending on the client’s specific situation and needs. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Advanced Payment: Per the industry standard, we do charge before delivering a first draft (resume/cover letter/LinkedIn material and anything else that requires written work). In order to hold a client’s spot in our queue, we do charge for services upon receiving all necessary on-boarding documents, including but not limited to a Client Service Agreement & Authorization Form. It is possible to split up payments but all services must be paid in full ahead of delivery of first draft. Please discuss with your writer if you wish to split up payments.

We do offer an hourly consulting rate; unless otherwise stipulated, when an hourly rate is used, there is a base minimum of one hour charged. For hourly work (career consulting, interview prep, networking strategy sessions, etc.), we can either bill ahead of time or have the credit card information on file to bill immediately following the session. We will test the card in advance.

People will occasionally ask why we bill in advance for the written documents; the answer is simple: though it has never happened to us (knock on wood), we hear horror stories of colleagues writing client documents before receiving payment and the client “disappears” after receiving the work. If you have any questions, on our policy, please let us know.

Refunds: Once work has started on your documents or are you engaged in any of our services and you have paid for your services, refunds will no longer be possible. You acknowledge that in order to meet your project deadline we may be required to turn away additional projects from other clients and that time is compensable.

Please note: Projects not finalized by Client within 14 days of receiving initial drafts of the documents from Refresh Your Step, LLC, will be considered completed projects. Changes requested after the 14-day period will cause Client to incur additional charges.

Cancellation Policy (Appointments): We understand that life happens and cancellations may occur. We ask for at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation but ReFresh Your Step reserves the right to charge full-price for no-shows; all funds will be transferred over to a make-up appointment time.

Cancellation Policy (Documents): ReFresh Your Step prides itself on both customer service and delivery of excellent documents and/or tools necessary for career enhancement and growth. If you and your Career Consultant have already agreed on a price for one of our many services but you need to terminate, we understand. With that said, we do have certain protocol in place and charges may still apply:

If the date has already been scheduled but no work yet executed on behalf of your resume writer: If this is the case, we will not charge you on the pre-selected day.

If your resume writer has already started work on your document but not yet delivered it: We will charge half and provide you with our work to that point.

If your work has been delivered but not yet finalized: In this case, we will charge 100% of the original price. This has actually never happened but we hear of “cranky” and “troublesome” clients out there and like to be prepared. In reality, we always work with our clients to ensure that each one is 100% happy and comfortable with the document.

If the work has been delivered and finalized (a refund): This is actually similar to our point above–it has not yet happened that someone wants a refund (knock on wood) but we do hear of “chronic chargeback” clients within the career industry. We file every email as well as updates of each document we prepare for clients. If clients are unhappy for any reason, we strive to work with them on ensuring they are 100% content with each document. If the client is still demanding money back and even goes through their credit card company, we are prepared to show documentation of work rendered. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, refunds will not occur.

Rush Fees: Projects that require less than a 3–business day turnaround may incur an additional rush fee.

Privacy Policy: Any information provided to us by clients or potential clients by email, telephone/Skype, in-person, fax, or other format will not be shared with other entities except as required for normal business and marketing purposes. Your professional documents may be fictionalized in order to be published in articles, columns, books, and industry-related publications at the discretion of ReFresh Your Step  LLC, and with the understanding that all identifying information (name, address, and so forth) as well as employer name, will be fictionalized to protect confidentiality.

All electronic copies of your work are backed up at ReFresh Your Step offices as well as stored in a sky drive; therefore, we are happy to assist clients should their computers crash. If you request that we remove your information for any reason, we are happy to comply.

You may unsubscribe at any time from any of our subscriptions or newsletters. Additionally, if you click on a resource link from our site, we can guarantee or be responsible for their content or privacy policies.

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