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We pride ourselves on crafting strategic, impactful resumes and cover letters for a range of sectors and experience levels, including College/Grad Students, Young Professionals, Advanced Professionals & C-Level Executives.

Regardless of a client’s current age or career needs, our resumes greatly emphasize each individual’s achievements and core competencies, allowing the document to effectively position the client as an impactful, impressive candidate. Please read below to better understand our comprehensive process for completing all resume & cover letter work.




Following a FREE information-gathering consultation, including a discussion on anticipated timing, your writer will embark on a unique Three-Phase Professional Resume Writing Process that includes the following stages:

  • Phase I: Reformatting

  • Phase II: Content Overhaul

  • Phase III: Review

While timing is client-specific, the typical professional document overhaul takes 3-5 business days; as this is a deeply collaborative process, the faster clients send us requested information, the sooner we can complete the work.

Once we get to the final Review stage, each client will receive a fully overhauled document along with a detailed explanation of what changes we made and why; from there, we will continue working with the client on making minor changes up to 30 days after the first draft is received.



Cover Letters are a pain–we know that; however, as they are still required by most sectors, we developed a way to make crafting them as easy and effective as possible. We work with our clients to craft a both a Model (written specifically to the client) and Tailored cover letter (based on the model and using a job description of the client’s choice). The result is that each client walks away with the tools necessary to execute impactful, eye-catching cover letters without having to spend any excess time on the process.

Please note that each of our resume packages typically includes cover letter work at no additional cost. Cover letter work will not begin until the resume is finished and accepted by the client.



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