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Your Guide To: Job Search Strategy Refresh

Time to Rethink Your Strategy

The onset of a new year brings fresh perspectives, renewed drive towards our goals, and an energetic spirit to propel us into 2022 (#goals!). For job seekers, the new year presents an opportunity to reflect on the job search strategy you’ve used in the past, and hopefully freshen it up with some new (and more effective!) tactics. At ReFresh Your Step, we’re here to guide you into the new year with a revived job search strategy to land your dream role.

We know sometimes it can be hard to find momentum after the holidays, and let’s be honest, most people are never excited to job search. Below are some suggestions to help get the wheels turning as you jump in. So, shake of the rust, or the New Year’s confetti, and let’s re-evaluate your job search strategy!

Ease away from “Easy Apply.”

When you’re in the midst of a challenging and time-consuming job search, that “Easy Apply” button tempts you with the promise of efficiency. Unfortunately, as with many things, that promise often lands in the “too good to be true” category. Using this function removes your ability to customize your application documents and makes it more difficult to stand out from your competition. Take advantage of “Easy Apply” only when it’s abundantly clear that your resume and LinkedIn profile portrays you as a perfect fit for the role. Additionally, use this option if you are submitting directly to a specific person and they have asked you to do this to ensure you are in the system. Otherwise, take the time to submit a thoughtfully tailored resume and cover letter that unmistakably demonstrate your qualifications. Generally, we suggest emphasizing quality over quantity in the job search.

Expand your circle.

You have likely heard (and taken to heart) the advice that networking remains the best way to land a job. If you feel like you’ve tapped out your existing network, expand your circle of influence even further to make new connections. Try joining a new organization, volunteering for a cause that’s close to your heart, or taking a professional development course. Strike up conversations with the likeminded folks you meet and work career-related topics into your discussions. You may be surprised at people’s willingness to serve as a “subject matter expert” and help put you in touch with an influential contact.

Use LinkedIn to its full potential.

You probably already use LinkedIn to search for jobs, connect with your existing network, and engage with professional organizations. When making new contacts, try reaching out to folks with whom you already have commonalities. For instance, consider locating fellow alumni from your alma mater. To do so, search for your college or university’s page on LinkedIn, then click on “Alumni.” Use the filters to identify potential contacts in your city, employees of targeted organizations, and people in your line of work. When you connect with a fellow alum, include a “Go Dawgs!” (or similar) to grab their attention and emphasize your shared background.

Identify and leverage your professional brand.

Take some time to reflect upon your professional brand as an employee and job seeker. What makes you stand out? What key strengths can you bring to a workplace? What accomplishments are you most proud of? Weave these concepts together to create your professional brand and leverage that brand in every step of the application process. Are you known for being an innovative marketer who inspires team cohesion? Incorporate those concepts into your resume, your interview stories, and your networking conversations. If you need help identifying your professional brand, connect with ReFresh Your Step to learn more about our strategic career consulting.

Reexamine your targeted roles.

When examining job descriptions ahead of submitting a resume, feel confident applying to opportunities in which you meet 70%-80% of the desired qualifications. Remember that job descriptions are written as “wish lists” that describe the perfect candidate. Since perfection rarely exists, companies enthusiastically consider candidates who meet most, but not all, of the stated qualifications. Tailor that resume & cover letter and apply away!

Evaluate your resume.

When rethinking your job search strategy, evaluating your resume with a fresh set of eyes is a must. You may want to ask someone else to take a look and share with you what they think you’re looking for based on what they see. Does your resume have a clean, modern format? Are your accomplishments clearly stated and quantified? Do your documents consistently convey your professional brand? If your answers to these questions lack certainty, consider connecting with a professional resume writer to align your resume with your 2022 job search strategy. By partnering with ReFresh Your Step, you’ll benefit from our Kapitalize Process and gain a resume that will bolster your confidence as you embark upon a renewed job search.

Rethink your job search strategy in the new year and channel your 2022 energy into career success. Remember, the team at ReFresh Your Step is ready to partner with you every step of the way. Building a team of support around you can make the process a lot easier to navigate.


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