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Refresh. Revive. Renew. We did!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

2020 was kind of boring, so we thought we would spice it up – ha! No, no, our 2020 has been just as insane as everyone else’s so it may not have seemed like the best time to rebrand Refresh Your Step and launch a new website (and new offerings – stay tuned) – but it was! This year has meant change for everyone and in our industry, it has meant being busier than ever. In managing the growth and looking at how we wanted to respond to this global shift/experience, a few things became clear:

1. What we have always done is needed now more than ever.

2. We need to expand how and what we offer so it is accessible to a wider audience.

3. We wanted our brand and online presence to reflect the growth and success our business has experienced over the past 12 years.

For 1 & 2…stay tuned, the exciting announcements are not over yet!

For #3, you’re looking at it. Same thriving business with an incredibly skilled team behind it, new look. We spend a lot of time (approximately 3 kajillion hours over the past 12 years) helping our clients streamline their communication to potential employers and catch the right eyes. We thought our website and branding deserved the same treatment.

Our new logo represents the holistic approach we take to working with clients. The interconnected circles remind us that your job search and career fulfillment are intertwined components; they do not stand alone from each other so much as work in tandem and build upon one another. Creating documents and strategy that account for all of these components is an investment in your success and long-term happiness/career fulfillment. Additionally, the circles are not made of complete filled-in lines because people, relationships, and career moves are often organic, not fixed or entirely predictable.

Our method is built around this and Kapitalizes on it Our documents and collaborations take into consideration that each client is unique with their own background, experience, and goals. As such, our documents & packages are never “one size fits all.” Also, did you notice what we did there with Kapitalize? Nope, not a typo. The Kapitalize Process is our proprietary methodology for moving you from career crisis to career resilience.

Our ReFreshed Colors are bright, hopeful, energetic, clean, and professional. We know most people don’t love job searching and have long-recognized that many clients come to us overwhelmed, stressed and discouraged. Our job is to bring hope into that place, to help you build your path forward. When you land on our website or see our social media posts, it should remind you of that hope and energy built in collaborating to achieve your goals.

Our Clean Typeface – we create documents for a living, you didn’t think we wouldn’t have thoughts about typeface? Just as we approach every document we create for a client, every detail of our new brand was chosen thoughtfully, nothing overlooked. Founder, Emily Kapit has a serious, long-term, committed partnership with sans serif fonts (she shudders at the thought of using a Times New Roman in a predominant way). Why you ask? Readability, of course! What’s the point of something looking pretty if you can’t read it quickly? So, you’ll see clean lines and airy spacing here. The one exception – our client testimonials. These are all real words from real clients and thus feel a little more personal, lending themselves well to a serif font more reminiscent of traditional, printed newspaper typeface (does anyone read those anymore?).

The entire ReFresh Your Step Team is more committed than ever to empowering our clients with strategies to build and maintain career resilience. Hopefully, this year will be the most intense one that we all ever experience – but no matter what the future brings, you’ll have these strategies to fall back on and a Team of Support to call. With this rebrand and new website comes renewed energy and possibility. Stay tuned to hear more about what’s next because this isn’t it! Hint: Do you know how to swim?

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